Best of the Web 13 Jan

Story & Structure :: Supporting Characters Gone Wild :: Break Into Act III and ‘Chinatown’ :: Paul Haggis on Writing ‘Crash’ and his General Process Script Perfection :: Interview: ‘Mad Men’ Show-Runner Matthew Weiner :: Interview: Breaking Bad Show-Runner Vince Gilligan :: TV Writer Podcast: Jamie Livingston Pitching & Selling :: December 2012 Spec Market Roundup :: Do You Write … Read More


Five Shows that are Revolutionizing Television

Not too long ago, television seemed like a less-than-desirable alternative to films. If you couldn’t find any good movies in theaters, you’d resort to flipping through vapid networks to see which shows were playing. by Angelita Williams Although there is still a prominent amount of fluffy television shows airing, many networks have adapted new and exciting shows into their lineups. … Read More


Your screenplay: does it HAVE to be a movie?

What’s film, and what’s TV? Yes, I’m talking about story here – this site’s title is the big clue. It used to be easy to tell the difference. Films had scale – elaborate sets, crowd scenes, big things blowing up – and they had movie stars: actors you wouldn’t see on the small screen. by Jonathan Empson Films could have … Read More