The Story Department in Top 50

Very proud to find out that this little blog has made it into the Top 50 Australian blogs on writing.

We’re currently at a humble 49th position, but according to this list we’re ranking as the #1 Screenwriting Blog.

If you are a regular reader, you will have noticed that our activity has increased exponentially over the past three months. At the end of last year this was still a one-man operation, now there are about a dozen contributors… and growing. Therefore I’m optimistic we may move up to the higher regions of the list next year.

Thank YOU for stopping by on occasion and giving the contributors to this blog the reward of having their stuff read.

Read, and write!

Karel Segers

PS: Thank you to Lilyana for bringing this to my attention ;)

About the Author

Karel Segers

Karel Segers wrote his first produced screenplay at age 17. Today he is a story analyst with experience in international movie rights acquisition, script development and production. He has trained and consulted to filmmakers all over the world, including award-winning screenwriters, and Academy Award nominees. Karel founded this website, as well as Logline.it!, ranks among the most influential people for screenwriting on social media. He speaks more than a handful of European languages, which he is still trying to find a use for in his present hometown of Sydney, Australia.

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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if you come a lot higher than 49th when I update the list in three months. The main thing that held you back was not having a technorati ranking. So imagine where you could be!

    This blog is one of the great discoveries from compiling the list. It’s now in my RSS feeds.

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