Next month’s movie: your choice!

Every first Tuesday of the month, we publish a structural breakdown of a popular film. This month we did Avatar, last month you voted for Shaun of the Dead.

Pick a film you know well or one you can watch over the next two weeks, so we can compare notes.


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Each Wednesday in 2010, TSD challenges you to a mini-survey that is in some way related to screenwriting or filmmaking. To suggest a topic, send Solmaaz Yazdiha a note and include the word “poll” in the subject field. The archive is here.

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    1. Post

      LOL!! Would love to, but I have no access to a legal copy of the film yet and my memory is no good for a step breakdown.

      Did you see any of the filming when that happened in Amman?

  1. I’ve seen Die Hard broken down and analysed in many screenwriting books, it’s very HJ. Sherlock Holmes would be refreshing to read given it’s recent. Just sayin’ …

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