The Hero’s Journey

Sunday 3 May 09 – 9:30am-5:30pm – CSGPN Training Room
Level 1, 158 Liverpool Rd, ASHFIELD NSW 2131
Contact: 0407 955 555 –

I want to learn the ways of the Force
and become a Jedi like my father.”
-Luke Skywalker

The only way to really touch a large audience is to connect the archetypes in our universal sub conscience with those elements that can be found in EVERY fairytale, myth, legend or religion. Those who do it well, have become phenomenally successful. The stories of those who ignore it, will never be really understood.

Joseph Campbell demonstrated how the elements of The Hero’s Journey have permeated all forms of storytelling, anywhere in the world, since the dawn of creation. George Lucas transformed mainstream filmmaking by applying Joseph Campbell’s theory of the Hero with a Thousand Faces to the movies.

All successful films are indebted to the mythical structure of storytelling. This workshop shows you how the Hero’s Journey works for any film genre. It teaches you how to enrich the traditional Three-Act Structure using the twelve journey stages within a three-act structure. Finally, it will prove how the Hero’s Journey works on every level, from the story over the sequence to the scene.

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A solid understanding of this popular theory will help you build a successful career in screenwriting. Using examples from CASABLANCA, STAR WARS to THE LIVES OF OTHERS and RATATOUILLE, this workshop proves how the Hero’s Journey’s story stages are present in all great films of the past thirty years.

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Screenwriters – First identify the story stages, then use them to improve your own work. Novelists – The Hero’s Journey as a metaphorical journey that can be used for any story. Producers & Directors – Find the journey in a story to determine the depth of its telling.

Are you ready for YOUR Hero’s Journey?

The CSGPN Training Room in Ashfield.
By car from the city: take Parramatta Rd and turn left into Ashfield. CSGPN is 800ms further on your left, on the corner next to Blockbusters.
By train from Central: 15mins on the train, then a short 3mins walk. Ample parking available.
Here are more detailed directions.

– $165: handouts, coffee/tea, script software, 3 months Premium Ed.
– $132: concessions % early bird (payment received 2 weeks before event).
– $99: for students (call or email to check eligibility first)

Registrations are strictly limited to 20 participants. Click here to receive registration information via email.

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Executive Producer and Story Analyst Karel Segers, a Licentiate of Germanic Philology (University of Louvain, Belgium) has produced three short dramas and co-produced a documentary and two feature films. As an EP, Karel has facilitated project funding from both government and private investors. Over the past few years he has consulted to award-winning writers, directors and producers on films in development as well as post-production. His views are published in The Story Dept., the undisputed #1 blog on screenwriting in Australia. Both nominees for the 2007 AWG Monte Miller Award were Karel’s clients.

“Karel Segers brilliantly conveys the best of what is currently understood about effective story telling for the cinema. His method of teaching is highly responsive, vividly supported by carefully selected visuals, and, best of all, witty and memorable.”
-Ron Cobb
Concept Artist, Writer, Director

“I attended a course of Karel’s in 2007 and two years later the details of what I learned have stayed with me. I catch myself automatically observing films and reading books using the critical tools I learned from Karel, and most importantly – how a story could be improved.”
-Marcus Amann
Professional Writer

“I enjoyed the day enormously and thought you were just wonderful. My knowledge and understanding of films was expanded enormously, and many things I understood instinctively but had never heard articulated about the art of storytelling were nailed firmly in place.
It was fantastic!”
-Kate Forsyth
Best-selling Author ‘Witches of Eileanan’

“Karel is the new breed of Teachers who not only conveys the technicality so effortlessly, but makes you want to write your story. He is passionate, focused and he knows his stuff. Karel you Rock, dude!”
-Gerard John
Producer / Entrepreneur

“I came to you with a bunch of scenes in the hope of finding a story and when I look back I’m still surprised at how far we have come. Now the script has won the 2007 Monte Miller award. Thanks again Karel.”
-Nathan Fielding
Winner 2007 AWG Monte Miller Award

“He never gets distracted with the little stuff that tends to fix itself when the important parts are working harmoniously. Karel is a rare beast amongst story consultants – a film literate and long-standing aficionado of many film genres. I hold Karel in very high regard.”
-Kieran Galvin
Film Director / Screenwriter

“Karel is my go-to guy for Script Development and/or assessment. He has a unique insight into the process and any projects I bring him are always infinitely improved by the time we have finished. His grasp of story and structure is second to none. I have recommended his services to several colleagues in the past, all of whom have been very satisfied with the results.”
– Michael Favelle
International Sales Agent
Top 10 Person to Watch in 2009

“Karel Segers is Australia’s Robert McKee”
– Stephen J De Jager
Creative Director, Roadshow Entertainment

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