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One of Celtx’s first three new “Learning Templates” is a tool pack for script development: “The Writer’s Development Kit”. I can highly recommend it, not only because of its ridiculously low price, but also because I wrote it.(*)

There has been a lot of confusion about the terms logline, synopsis, and treatment so I try to shed some light on those as well as give you guidance on how to write them.

I designed this small learning package for writers with projects in development and I believe most beginning screenwriters would benefit from using it.

Here is the link again: http://tsd.im/kit.

Should you need a more in-depth discussion on Loglines and Synopses, check out my training packs.



– Karel Segers

(*) As Celtx is no longer offering the Kit as a standalone learning package, all the links in this article have been replaced with direct, free download links. Enjoy!

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Karel Segers

Karel Segers wrote his first produced screenplay at age 17. Today he is a story analyst with experience in international movie rights acquisition, script development and production. He has trained and consulted to filmmakers all over the world, including award-winning screenwriters, and Academy Award nominees. Karel founded this website, as well as Logline.it, ranks among the most influential people for screenwriting on social media. He speaks more than a handful of European languages, which he is still trying to find a use for in his present hometown of Sydney, Australia.

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  1. Unfortunately Celtx geniuses are not supporting those files any longer. It´s a shame. My lap was stolen and the only “cloud” copy i had left it´s in Celtx studio and I cannot download it, even if i paid the Celtx plus software. Thanks for that wonderful file. I was truly helpful.


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